Visit a Theater for Free

Theater was once only for the entertainment of the upper class but now the audiences have become a lot much diverse. If you are a huge theater fan like me then the tips in this article will be a great help for you to enjoy theater for free. And even if you are thinking about experiencing a theater act for the very first time then you can learn how to experience it for free as well.


To start with, lookout for the theaters in your area which are coming up on dress rehearsals and ask for the permission to attend one of them because dress rehearsals are carried out for every new act to ensure that the play runs smoothly. You would have to search for one of these dress rehearsals online because they are not advertised like the main act. If you know of any friend who is into theater getting an invite for a dress rehearsal will be very easy. One of the dress rehearsals that I personally attended went great. Although the director has warned the audience, after a short introduction to the play, that some actor might not sing their lines or there might be some errors in the acting or it could also happen that the director would stop the play in the middle to change any scene but no distraction of that sort happened later during the play and we got to see a great show without having to pay £55 per head.

A lot of theaters offer free tickets for the sake of promotion especially during the theater festivals that are held in London each year usually from early June to late September. You can also get in contact with an independent theater which can provide you with free tickets to various dance performances, workshops and rehearsals. Theater Exchange Birmingham organizes a free event each month at their local venues which provides an opportunity to new directors, actors and related professionals to showcase their abilities. You can visit their website to keep an eye on upcoming events and to find out if anything interesting happening that you can be a part of for free.

Festivals provide a great opportunity to experience theater for free. The thing that makes theater great is the fact that everything that you witness would only happen once. You can’t repeat a moment that you have witnessed like you do with a recorded film. So you much experience it and should experience it for free.

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