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For every beer lover who is not just the drinker but the beer explorer, you have got a chance to explore hundreds of beers from around the world. With the Beer52 online club subscription package, beer lovers can find a home for themselves in the UK and beyond. The subscription pack is on a monthly supply basis, and you can get hands-on beers you never thought possible.

How To Get Started

To be a part of the Beer 52 subscription box, follow the following steps;

Choose your desired beers: This is simply narrowing down your choice of beer to your favourite. There are two choices here:

  • The mixed beers which include dark and light beers.
  • And the light beers, which include only light beers or those more vegan friendly.

After this, you have the option to boost your package with two more bottles at a fee.

Provide Information

Once you have selected your beer preference, fill out the next set of information on your account status on Beer 52

Delivery and Payment

Once your account has been affirmed, you will need to set your delivery details. Next comes the beers’ payment; with this, you have joined the ranks of individuals who have a month long supply of beers for Beer 52.

Pricing Plans

At Beer 52, there is a basic monthly package going at 24 pounds each month; compared to its competing companies and the quality of the beer; this is a good deal. This gives its subscribers eight beers, a snack, and a magazine. If you choose to add two more bottles, then you can get it at 5 pounds. All delivery is free for subscribers, and you can always end your plan with us.

Why Choose Beer 52?

Loving beers is more than just drinking them; it has a plan that ensures you never have to run out of beers. Subscribing to Beer 52 equals getting community privileges and much more. The community privilege is the best of the offers because in this one package are various other smaller privileges, including restricted discounts and beer deals.

Explore New Themes Monthly

For the sake of diversification and uniqueness, Beer 52 comes up with special themes monthly. These themes are added to every delivery made in that month. So every month, subscribers can expect to see unique and stylish sets of beers.

Guaranteed Quality

As a company, Beer 52 gives subscribers only the best and guaranteed quality. This guarantee is for every delivered beer. Any beer that doesn’t fit your liking is “on the house.”

Earn Points

You can easily get points on Beer 52 by leaving a review on the beers’ quality and taste. In time these points will accumulate and give you a smooth way to secluded offers and discounts.



For the best standard contact lenses for everyday use, Waldo is your best delivery option. They ship directly to users through a top-class online shopping experience. Their packaging is second to none, designed in an alluring midnight blue color, which sets them as the best bathroom companion.

For the best standard and customized services, Waldo is your go-to choice for customers. Each product is made with a specialist optometrist to ensure the standard and quality. To get these classy lenses, send us your contact details and medical prescription needs.

For each delivery, a fixed fee of 12 pounds is attached. Each box offers over 30 lenses. And if you cover the shipping fee of 2 pounds 50, you can get your lenses in less than two days. All subsequent delivery will be free of charge.

Waldo never stops amazing customers, and its recent work for those who use its service is the vitamin lenses, which comes with vitamin E, B12, and B6. These will be sent in the package in a pink saline solution.



In terms of the largest subscription-based shaving service in the UK, you can speak of non-other than Cornerstone. Boasting over 150,000 active subscribers receiving regular shipments, you can be sure that Cornerstone is one of the trusted ones.

Registration is straightforward and can be finished in a couple of minutes. After which, you will be asked to select the products you would like to get. You will also need to not how often you would like to get them. There is a clause, though, and that is, there is no documentation of this service. This, therefore, means that your subscription can be paused, canceled, or edited as the company sees fit. But there is one good side to this; any change in your subscription will attract zero fees.

With as little as six razor blades and some cost-free customized handles worth just about 14 pounds. Other items you can try out is the shaving set, which consists of sensitive shaving gel, post-shave balm, and pre-shave scrub. With so much to look for, there is no reason to delay further. Get connect to Cornerstone immediately and enjoy the best shaving experience for a long time to come.



“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!” Neil Gaiman.

Books are a wonderful gift, and the great thing about them other than their long life is the ability to find a book that fits individual personalities and interests. To explore this gift choice in a complete box form, here are some book subscriptions services available in the UK

To create your box, you get the choice to pick personal books every week or month to stockpile. This will, however, depend on your subscription choices. The great thing about this choice is that you can kill two birds with one stone, get books for yourself and also for the gift box, with a subscription plan you are sure to always be informed about every new book. Note, however, that deliveries are open only to the UK.

There is a box of books just waiting for you to pile up despite your genre of interest. The service offers subscription plans for kids, book clubs, women’s books, and inspirational or motivational books. With all this, what more do you need? Start your search for the best book for your need.



My geek box

Geeks are a part of the structure of the social ecosystem, and we all have accepted it. In this season of Christmas, which is also a season of giving, you can take the initiative to gift a geek friendly item(s) to that geek friend or family member of yours. With the My Geek Box, you have just the right gift to make a beautiful season for geeks of all ages.

To enjoy all the little perks that come with the My Geek Box, you will need to register on their website. Signing up to the site is a great way to get the assurance that your box will contain only the best set of items. The entire process is as easy as ABC, and you can even get a T-shirt for any size. Once the box is ready, it will be shipped to your address.

The box is a complete package, and no one else beats it. In truth, this option covers all the gifting needs for any geek’s desire. And this season is the best time to get it; with just one click of the mouse, you can subscribe to the site and get even more amazing gifts in your box.



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