Most creative tips on how to save money for single mums.

Being a single mum requires a lot of work not only on taking care of the children, but also trying to earn as much money as possible by having even three jobs. Now, If single moms could manage to save a little more, maybe they would be able to work a little less and be more with their precious little ones at home. That is why I come up with the below top 5 tips on how to save some money!

1. Don’t bring kids with you when shopping

We want to spend as much time as we can with our little babies, right? And that is why we take them with us everywhere we go, even when grocery shopping. But what happens is that our kids distract us from everything e have in mind. We forget about the strategy we thought we’d use, we ignore the shopping list in our hands and we are too disorganized to take out of the wallet those coupons and vouchers we saved. What us more importantly, if they start crying and misbehaving because they want this and that, the only way to avoid noisy scenes in public I to actually give them what they want, so we end up filling up our basket with things we don’t really need. That is why bringing kids while shopping is such a bad idea. It would be very nice to have someone keep them for you for just 30 minutes or less.

2. Educate your children to save

You may not realize how much you’d save on your electricity bill if you teach your kids also to switch off the lights when they are not using any. The same with water, gas, heat. The thing is that, being just you and them; it is a benefit to save as much as possible from any bill you can. Your kids should understand the importance of saving and help you towards the same goal. Don’t forget that you can’t be at home all the time and most probably they will stay there even without your supervision, so you need to make sure that they will support the common interest of saving, even on daily simple activities like washing the dishes or brushing their teeth.

3. Cut Childcare as an expense

Childcare expense is almost one third of a single mom’s budget. Thus, it would be great if it could be somehow avoided. The thing is, how? I am not saying that it’s a good idea to just stop paying for childcare and dump kids on the street until you come back from work. If you are already having more than one job, you might consider doing the second or the third one from home. This way you would be able to earn money and also save from babysitting your own child, for free.

4. Consider Buying a House

Don’t be surprised! This is still a tip on saving money. If you compare the costs renting a house with the monthly payments from getting a mortgage loan, you may be surprised to discover how much more beneficial it is, especially in long terms, to actually buy a house.

5. Don’t forget that kids enjoy anything

We forget how beautiful it is to just take a simple walk at the park or set on the bench and read. We ignore the fact that having a simple picnic day might be as joyful as any other visit in expensive museums or exhibitions. Kids do though. They are able to create games and have fun almost anywhere. They don’t care for expensive treatments and toys. Spending quality times together is what counts the most and this is something both you and your kids could remind yourself of.


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