Low cost outdoor fun

First you have to have a tent to hold a free camping trip like we did. Read along to hear all about it.

Our tent came from our sister and our plan took under consideration campsites that were near our residential area for which our most obvious resource was internet to scan through our area and pick out a few. Our team included 35 years old Rob, 36 years old Becca and one and a half years old baby girl along with two family dogs. Sounds like a pretty disastrous outdoor team combination? Sounds about right.

What our imaginations perceived was setting up a peaceful campfire and late night star gazing and the baby and the dogs running after butterflies in the morning. But that’s just our imaginations running wild without having enough instructions on the hand about getting the tent up since it was borrowed with a baby in the car crying like crazy because of exhaustion and sleep deprivation and dogs who just decided not to behave at any cost.

Good thing was it was a pretty vast camping site and was not crowded much so us annoying others was luckily out of question. Every party had enough quite space to themselves. We had a lovely view of vast open night sky and a small pond nearby. What wasn’t lovely though there was an ant hill nearby too and no mosquito spray. The baby kept bringing food off of nearby camping party’s food stock every few minutes and we kept walking to them to return their stock and the dogs mingled their leashes into an utterly tangled knot.

As I tried finding the facilities of the campsite, happy campers, their families comprised of kids and dogs just like us but behaving way better were found all around, made it clear to me why on earth camping is called fun. Doesn’t matter if mine weren’t behaving enough but examples were lying around everywhere.

Albeit all, we fell asleep and woke up pretty early in the following morning. Good thing baby was still asleep and so we both held a quiet meeting whispering into each other’s ears. We were determined to squeeze fun out of the trip and so we quickly followed through the plan of having showers and breakfast and getting back on the road.

By 9 am all was accomplished and the day was shining wide to be explored. We were low on the cash so the plan included every spot we’d stop by that cost no money. Beaches were our first priority. Baby really enjoyed sand castles and the dogs ran around freely had lots of fun with a ball and the waves.

We saw standing stones and I even climbed a lighthouse for 2.50 pounds. We drove all around Stranraer area and Agnew Park enjoyed small train ride, boating and Torhouse Stone Circle while going to Wigtown-Scotland’s Book Twon.

This time when we got back to our campsite we were ready to make use of every bit of last night’s experience and so we successfully shifted our tent a bit location wise, managed a better dinner over the campfire just the way we desired, baby was too tired luckily and so were the dogs to run around and cause any trouble at all. Yet there is more to the story still how it got spoiled by late night rain shower but I’d rather put a stop making this perfect ending moment for the story, for grinding up in the daily routines is all what we all do every day and the trip should be considered while it lasted when looked at from the angle of much needed change for everyday life.


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