How to Save Money during School Holidays

As the summer is approaching, behold the holiday season is upon us. A lot of parents how to deal with the extra expenses they have to make to keep their kids entertained all day during these 6 weeks of vacations. You have to pay for holiday clubs, childcare and toys to keeping your kids from getting bored. Although, they might enjoy their vacations but your budget ends up in a tight situation. Below are some tips that can help you provide you kids a great vacation without spending any money.

You should always plan ahead because leaving anything for the last minute always ends up with extra expenditure. You go for a picnic with no food? You end up at McDonalds. No idea what game to play? You end up buying new toys or taking them to the soft play. If you don’t plan ahead, you literally invite a money saving disaster. That is why; it is always a great idea to have meals ready on the table. If your kids are staying at your parents’, plan for a playdate beforehand. Make a schedule and implement it. Even go for a meal plan to keep your kids excited about the next fun meal so they don’t ask for junk food.

– You can look out for different events that are happening around the town and can take your kids there for a fun time for free.

– When you would have all the information you need and all of your plans scheduled then you will not have to worry about bus timetables, swimming pool timetables or any other school related activity like summer camps etc. You will know when the museums open, and how much the tickets will cost and if there are any children’s events happening there. You can also buy a family and friend’s railcard for daytrips and you will also need the information regarding the train timetables too.

– Make a boredom jar. If you don’t know what this beautiful thing is and what it does then read on. You can fill in a jar with colored papers. You can write different fun activities on these papers like jump 50 times, bake some tasty gingerbread men, trip to the zoo or choose your favorite DVD ever. As soon as your kids start moaning about being bored, you can pick a paper from the jar and do the activity instructed on it. These papers can even contain chores like do the dishes or wash the car, which might not be a lot of fun for the kids but will make the game a fair play as there are some tasty gingerbreads somewhere in that jar too.

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