5 Tips for a Better and Beautiful Garden

Is your garden out of shape and you don’t know what to do. You might be thinking it will take a miracle to make your garden look great again but all it takes is a little time and effort from your side. Here are 5 tips which will help you get a beautiful and better garden in no time.

The Trellis

Don’t screw your trellis right into the wall. Leave a little gap of about 2-3 inches between the trellis and the wall. It will help the plant to wind itself on the trellis and grow in a much more comfortable way.

Planting the Bulbs in Summer

As soon as the summer comes us gardeners start thinking of planting new bulbs. But there is a problem. Rodents! Small rodents like to eat these bulbs. So what do we do? Before planting the bulb put it into a small bag and sprinkle small amount of curry powder on it and shake the bag. Keep repeating the process until the bulb has a light coating of the curry powder. This will help disguise the smell of the bulb so that the rodents cannot find it.

 Cleaning the Glass 

If you have a greenhouse then you know that the glasses can get a little filthy and do need a little wash now and then. The best way is to use a glass cleaner but if you are worried about it harming the plants then you can use vinegar and water. For a gallon of water use a cup of vinegar. Pour it in the spray bottle and spray on the glasses of the green house. Use old newspapers to scrub the glass. You will be amazed by the results.

Labeling the Plants

When any of your plants die in the winter and you plan to plant the same one again in the summer then it is a good idea to mark the spot where it was planted before. Use a wooden stick (lollipop sticks work the best) and label it with the name of the plant. Stick it into the ground and you are good to go.

Keeping the Water Butt Clean

It is important to keep the water butt clean so that we don’t get any unwanted pollutants in our plants. One way is with the help of ladies tights. Cut the leg of the tight and placeit over the pipe that lets the water into the water butt. This will help you keep the water but clean.



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